Project Runway

I missed last week’s episode because I had a business meeting to attend. A business meeting at 10PM on a Wednesday, you ask? Post-meeting drinks. Get David Dust‘s recap — he’s ferosh!
Anyway, Ricky finally got the boot in a hideous challenge that involved re-creating outfits for female pro-wrestlers. Chris March won that costume challenge, quelle surprise.

This week’s ep was the last challenge prior to creating Fashion Week collections. Designers were given digital cameras and access to three different galleries in The Met (the Temple of Dendur, the Grecian/Roman Sculpture Garden, and European Paintings) from which to draw inspiration for a piece of their choosing. They were all stoked to have the Met to themselves (who wouldn’t be?!) and Sweet P put it best and most adorably with, “I probably could have touched a painting!…But I didn’t.”

I was really impressed with this week’s word nerdiness, above all else: Tim Gunn dropped the word “obfuscation” and Jillian responded to “How are you?” with “I’m doing well.” Proper English is so under appreciated. I was very annoyed at Rami’s torn to hell shirt and Chris March’s decision to nap.

RUNWAY — Guest judge: Roberto Cavalli
Rami, surprise, surprise, drew his inspiration from the Grecian/Roman sculpture garden and played it safe with a Grecian draped dress in purple. It was lovely, but lacked wow-factor.
Chris March took his inspiration from an 18th century painting of a woman. His outfit was beautiful and eye-catching, but it was almost exactly like the avant garde dress he and Christian made for the team challenge.
Christian saw a portrait of a Spanish soldier that he was inspired by. He created a four-piece outfit that played with androgyny. He had pants, a shirt, a jacket, and a neck piece. It was all very puffy but came together amazing. Kid is going places, winner of “PR” or not.
Sweet P found a painting of peacocks she wanted to design a dress around. She a patterned top with three monochromatic but vibrant panels for the skirt.
Jillian also found inspiration in a painting featuring the Argonauts. She created her signature beautiful jacket (pictured) complete with fancy cutouts in the back, and a sick gold lame dress. Kind of looks like something a tap dancer would perform in, but I love it.

Cavalli told Rami his dress was “too normal.” Nina loved Jillian’s outfit and Cavalli told Jillian that he’d love to have her on his staff. Heidi said Jillian was ballsy. Cavalli told Sweet P that she needed something more special. Christian received “Super! Super! Super!” from Michael Kors. Chris March was told he was the “most artistic” from Cavalli.

Auf’d: Sweet P
Surprise: Instead of Aufing a second contestant as planned, the judges allowed both Rami and Chris March the chance to produce Fashion Week lines. Upon arriving back in NYC for Fashion Week, they would be judged on 3 pieces of their respective collections to determine who would win the right to have his collection on the catwalk.

Next week: Losers return for the “Project Runway season 4” reunion show! Expect tears!


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