Presidential Watch! Potomac Primaries

Both Barack Obama and John McCain swept the Potomac Primaries, which included the states of Virginia and Maryland and the District of Columbia, for their respective parties.

For each of D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Obama took 75%, 60% and 64%, respectively, to Hillary Clinton’s 24%, 37%, and 35%, respectively. 1% of both the District of Columbia and Maryland remained uncommitted.

Obama now leads Clinton with 1,215 delegates to her 1,190.

McCain won 68%, 55%, and 50% of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, respectively. Mike Huckabee swept second place for the GOP in each primary with 17% in D.C., 29% in Maryland, and 41% in Virginia. Ron Paul managed 8% in D.C., 6% in Maryland, and 4% in Virginia. Though he’s resigned from the race, Mitt Romney grabbed 6% of the votes in both D.C. and Maryland and 4% in Virginia.

John McCain has 812 delegates while Mike Huckabee trails with 217. Romney maintains 286 delegates as they have yet to be redistributed following his dropping out of the race.

Next up: Washington state and Wisconsin primaries for both parties, Hawaiian Democratic caucus on Tuesday, February 19th.


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