Nicole Reynolds – Puck Live & CONTEST!

Puck Live is nestled in Printers Alley in the small, affluent Doylestown Pa. A large red neon sign announces Puck and leads to a set of stairs leading down to the club’s front door. The sold-out crowd inside was what I expected to find in Doylestown, a slightly older, more main line crowd than I’m used to sharing an audience with, but they held the same passion for the music and performers as the younger and less well-off crowd I belong to. Puck, regardless of the crowd, is an intimate venue in which a small stage is flanked with tiny four-person tables and a long bar off to the left. A venue any larger and the slight Nicole Reynolds, whom I had the pleasure of seeing live this past Saturday, would have been but engulfed.

As Reynolds took stage, almost hidden behind an acoustic guitar that rivaled her in size, the crowd chatted and ate their meals, but the first notes that slipped past Reynolds’ lips commanded the crowd’s attention, which she held rapt for the remainder of her set. Reynolds started off with “Wonderin,” a slightly heartbroken love song made gorgeous by Reynolds’ unbelievably sweet voice. Her introduction to the second song drew laughter from the crowd as she explained it was written about her girlfriend who was a smoker. The smoking bothered Reynolds so she wrote about it in a song; a song can work wonders because she made sure to mention that he girlfriend was now smoke-free five months later.

The set mixed songs both old, new and those that haven’t made it onto either of Reynolds’ CDs. In the middle of the set, she played a song called “June,” which is blatantly political and was penned during the beginning of the current Iraq war. In it, she depicts the aftermath a veteran faces when he’s come home from war and precociously sings “Ain’t no war ever been won.” The remainder of the set strayed from Reynolds’ activist folk roots to her more recent penchant for sad love songs. Subject matter be damned, the words that come out of Nicole Reynolds’ mouth are as beautifully sung as they are written. Make it your business to see Nicole Reynolds live.

Wonderin, Whiskey, We Could Have Met, June, Heavy Sleeper, When We Meet Again, We Could Be Dancing, Fireman, Like a Movie

If you’d like to win an autographed copy of Wolves Won’t Eat Us by Nicole Reynolds, friend Nicole on MySpace and post a nice little comment (mention you heard about her through PopWreckoning!). Email me once you have and this weekend I’ll pick a winner!
Get to friending!


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  1. Nicole is the best…thanks for the support

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