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Here at PopWreck(oning) we receive a lot of mail. Sometimes that mail comes a few days too late and an albums release date has come and gone. Since the staff at that point has usually moved on to the next week’s albums to be released, things get shifted to the back. We don’t want that to happen, so we have decided to do quick reviews to give them some press.

Richard FormbyVol. 1
Released January 22nd, 2008, Vol. 1 features different styled percussion beats over electronic, wind and string sounds. It almost comes off as club music. It honestly is a very different sound that what I commonly find myself reviewing. Props to Richard Formby for taking his own path. Bravery should always be rewarded, and showing no fear for trying something new, this album sways through paths using glow sticks as it’s only form of light.

Richard Formby’s Myspace
Mind Expansion Records

Joe Jackson Rain
Released January 29th, 2008, this album is really quite hit or miss. While the piano riffs border on Jazz at it’s best, Jackson’s vocals and lyrics are sub-par at best. I’m simply not feeling this one.

Joe Jackson’s Website
Joe Jackson’s Myspace

Ivan IvesIconoclast
Ivan Ives released this album a while ago, and we simply got our hands on it late. Tardy or otherwise, it’s damn good. It’s fulls of hooks and catchy rhyme schemes. Lyrically, Iconoclast has the ability to make you crack a smile it’s wit, while nodding your head at its beats. Furthermore, mixing a full orchestra with drum machine structure and scratching is a sure way to color me impressed. Seriously, check this kids out. And look for his new album March 18, 2008.

Ivan Ives Myspace

Grand Ole PartyHumanimals
If I were to go to Juice Stop, my favorite smoothie-making outfit, and order a “Grand Ole Party,” my drinks ingredients would include Jimmy Page, Karen O, Meg White and Janis Joplin. And it would be damn good. But then again, it was produced by the genius Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley/The Elected fame. Anything that man touches sounds fucking amazing.

Grand Ole Party’s Myspace


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