Presidential Watch! Weekend Primaries/Caucuses

Mike Huckabee
ran away with 60% of the Kansas GOP vote while John McCain managed 24% and Ron Paul came in third with 11% of the vote.
Democratic caucus previously held on February 5th.

Barack Obama won the state’s Democratic primary with 57% of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 36%
Huckabee also won this state with 43% of the vote, just ahead of McCain’s 42%. Ron Paul finished with 5%, 2% less than Mitt Romney who had previously dropped out of the race.

won the Nebraska caucus with 68% of the vote and Clinton received 32%.
Nebraska’s GOP caucus to be held on May 13th.

Again, Obama won, this time gaining 59% of the vote. Clinton managed 40% of the vote while 1% of Democratic constituents remained Uncommitted.
Republican caucus previously held on February 2nd.

As of now, Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic party with 1,148 delegates Barack Obama’s 1,121. 2,025 delegates are needed to win the Democratic party’s nomination.

On the GOP side, John McCain is ahead with 723 delegates to Mike Huckabee’s 217 and Ron Paul’s 16. The 286 delegates that belonged to Mitt Romney will follow their individual states’ procedures to determine how to reallocate their votes. 1,191 delegates are needed to win the Republican party’s nomination.

Up Next: District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia primaries for both parties on Tuesday, February 12th.


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