Kelley Stoltz – Circular Sounds

Kelley Stoltz is to Australia what David Hasselhoff is to Germany. He has cult status there that could give Rocky Horror, Hedwig, and Dark Side of the Moon laser shows a run for their money. Down under, he already has a radio hit with “Underwater’s Where the Action Is” under his belt. In Sweden, his music has also been featured in a television commercial for Volvo. However, this is America, and our fans are fickle. But don’t fret PopWreck(oning) readers; I have formed a fool-proof strategy to secure Stoltz the hearts of the American people. First, since America is completely taken by reality television, it is probably our best route for large scale exposure. However, picking the proper venue is important. I propose creating a show on the Do It Yourself network, called “Home Recordings Revealed” in which Stoltz can showcase the manner in which he laid the tracks for his new album, Circular Sounds, in his San Francisco crib. Granted, I know it lacks the drama of the “American Idol” tryouts, but what doesn’t?

Okay, so maybe my plans may not exactly be fool-proof, but Circular Sounds certainly is. Combining common aspects of the present day indie scene, such as trumpet oriented melodies and piano based structures, with the finest samples of lo-fi, sixties-rock, home recording, Circular Sounds could easily be confused with Pet Sounds. At times, it’s almost like having members of Neutral Milk Hotel in the same room with Syd Barrett, John Lennon and Ray Davies of The Kinks. Stoltz manages the same talent as those listed above in his ability to make a simple record in a sparse from seem full of emotion and larger than life. He’s folk while remaining soulful. He’s classic while blending in the trends of today. He’s versatile while remaining true to the pioneers who paved the way for him years before. And February 5th, the release of th Kelley Stoltz’s Circular Sounds will make the old seem new again.

Look for Circular Sounds on Sub Pop Records. Links: Kelly Stoltz website | myspace Sub Pop Records website| myspace


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