Project Runway

This week’s challenge involved over 500 pairs of Levi’s jeans that the remaining designers were to use to create a new, iconic denim look. Caroline Calvin of Levi’s was on hand to tell the designers about the challenge and later was a guest judge. She told the contestants that they needed to create a look that embodied the Levi’s spirit while putting an original spin on denim.

Most of the designers decided to make dresses while Jillian got upset that Victorya was stealing her idea to make a coat. Christian was the only designer to stray from the dress idea and made a pair of jeans and a denim jacket, because he felt manly working with denim. Jillian keeps creating these intense designs that are pretty much impossible with the strict time limits the designers are given, so she’s on the verge of breaking down. Did anyone else see Rami spray his face with cologne, like, 6 times? That’s what that was, right?

Quote of the Episode: “Somebody needs to give him [Christian] a bottle and send him to bed.” – Chris March

Chris March:
He took the idea of the classic “little black dress” and made a “little blue dress” in the style of a halter dress which turned out to be really cute. He was told by Nina Garcia that is looked “dated” while Heidi said she felt it looked “home sewn.” Ouch.
Ricky: Ricky made a denim corset dress which turned out to be really fierce and makes is almost okay that he’s still around. (Send him home!) He received “impeccable” from Nina and Caroline Calvin told him that it was a “fantastic dress…just really cool.” And he cried on the runway.
Sweet P: She wanted to make a dress in the style of her wedding dress, which was a very simple tube dress with a free-flowing skirt. Tim Gunn informed her that it looked too “granny circle,” which she did away with by cutting the dress much shorter than she’d originally planned. It turned out to be a versatile patch-work tube dress that Michael Kors told her was “so chic” and had a “slimming voodoo.”
Victorya: Victorya went with the idea of a classic trench coat in which she basically sewed some denim to an existing denim jacket. The judges were upset that she didn’t seem to have much to do for her design. Michael Kors told her the it looked like she glued a party skirt to her jean jacket and Caroline Calvin was disappointed because Victorya was “not inspired at all.”
Rami: Being all “fashion foward,” Rami created a fierce dress (pictured) with a high collar and ruffled skirt that he trimmed with zippers, which the judges loved. Nina praised his work saying that it was “sharp, clean, well-done and sophisticated.”
Christian: The daredevil of the group, who had won immunity last week, was exalted by Michael Kors for being the only designer to send out “a new jean.” He created the jeans he made out of a denim jacket and created the denim jacket he crafted with pairs of jeans. It was abs and totes ferosh, like any Christian design.
Jillian: Jillian’s jacket turned out better than Victorya’s and appeared much more high fashion. Her frustration with the project was evident in the final product as she was told that it was “overly complicated” by Caroline Calvin and Michael Kors informed Jillian that her model looked “fab, but not in that.” Yikes.

WINNER: Ricky! If he can stay on his A game, I’ll no longer object to his presence. But seriously, tone down the emo.

Bottom two: Jillian and Victorya
Auf‘d: Victorya — Not too sad to see her go. She’s a stubborn thing and her designs weren’t that amazing.

Next week: I missed the original airing because I was out, so I had to watch it at 2AM. By the time the preview for next week came up I was definitely ready to fall asleep sitting up, but managed to see that Sweet P and Christian arm wrestle. That will be the true challenge.


2 Responses

  1. Didnt the winner of last seasons project runway do a dress with the zipper thing?

  2. They all copy each other. There is so little originality anymore; it all gets recycled.

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