Xiu Xiu – Women as Lovers

Seemingly without effort, Xiu Xiu has the ability to make the unique and obscure instruments used on their newest album Women as Lovers seem normal, if not expected. They apply mallet percussion to their composition as commonly as most bands do guitar or piano; beyond that is their ability to create moving string orchestration side-by-side with electric noise. Xiu Xiu balances beauty and confusion well. They lead you off of your path just enough to keep you from growing too relaxed, waking you up with a noise that shouldn’t fit or a minor chord when you’re expecting a major, but then comfort you again with moving tones or flowing guitar picking.

On Women As Lovers the songs themselves flow from one into another, creating move of the singular track than a group of recordings. Six cuts in Xiu Xiu puts their own styling on the David Bowie/Queen hit “Under Pressure.” Subbing horns and female vocals in signature elements, the song becoming move of a retelling with a drunken sing-a-long feel, than a cover. But Xiu Xiu’s originals are not short of brilliant either; each song on this 14 song album sounds different from the previous. It seems to be more of a chapter book approach to songwriting than telling individual stories. The attention to detail is what makes this album head above others. Jamie Stewart’s talents don’t stop their though. It’s one-of-a-kind voice stands out differently on each of these 14 cuts. And Stewart’s tracks are easy to relate to because he’s writing about our lives. He find a way to put into words the things that many of us struggle to communicate, which leaves Women as Lovers with a genuine feel that remains difficult to find.

This album is a goldmine gutted, and worth every piece. Every second is worth the time spent. Look for Xiu Xiu’s album, Women as Lovers in stores tomorrow, January 29th, from Four Paws Media.

Xiu Xiu’s Website
Xiu Xiu’s Myspace
Four Paws Media


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