Presidential Watch! New York Times Weighs In

Yesterday the New York Times officially announced the Presidential hopefuls it shall back: Democratic candidate and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton and Republican Senator John McCain.

NYT stated that while this Presidential primary would more than likely result in the selection of either the Democratic Party’s first female or first black Presidential nominee, firstness is not a reason to choose between which candidate should win the nomination. Each of the candidates promise to actively change the United States’ role in the world, not just its image, and they even agree on the biggest issues at hand, ending the war, equitable taxation, concern for social issues and civil liberties, etc. Where the two candidates differ immensely is in their respective experience. Both tout change, but Clinton has been in the Senate for years after having been a very involved First Lady for eight years.

Hillary’s experience in politics has shown that she can learn from her past mistakes and change her views and opinions as she continues to grow and learn as a politician. It also gives her a hard edge because she’s rubbed elbows with world leaders and is influential. Obama is also constantly learning and growing, but he hasn’t been around long enough to make the mistakes necessary to reevaluate himself as a politician. He also lacks the influence with the world leaders that Hillary has.

Regarding the Republican candidates, keeping in mind that it’s no secret that it’s a liberal newspaper, the New York Times essentially declares that it back John McCain because he’s the least evil of the evil right wing. It’s blatantly stated that “Senator John McCain of Arizona is the only Republican who promises to end the George Bush style of governing,” and that is the Times‘ bottom line.

Clinton: An America for change and experience.
McCain: An America for not Bush.


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  1. The Clinton part is not surprising but I am a bit baffled by McCain.

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