Tea Time

I’ve recently (for a few months) made the switch from coffee to green tea. After reading up on how the amount of caffeine in coffee can set off your stress levels and can prevent you from losing weight (yeah I’m a such a chick), and knowing how amazing the antioxidants in tea are for you, it was a no brainer.

While I generally avoid corporate giants as much as possible, I’ve always had a weakness for Starbucks. Their coffee is pretty harsh but their lattes are heaven. One day this past autumn, I braved switching my usual tall non-fat, sugar-free vanilla latte for a tall non-fat green tea latte (not available in sugar-free, unfortch) and haven’t missed the former one bit.

I realize this is probably the craziest thing I’ve ever said, but I’m fairly certain that drinking green tea speeds up time, for me anyway. Just wait for it. Every morning at work I have a 16 ounce tumbler of hot green tea, which takes me a couple hours to finish drinking and the day goes by pretty quickly. Earlier this month I was having the. slowest. day. ever. I chocked it up to just a typical dragging day — not everyday can be super exciting — not realizing I had forgotten my tea that morning.

The next week I had another painfully slow day that just wouldn’t end. About mid-afternoon it struck me that I’d forgotten my tea at home, and about ten seconds later I realized I’d forgotten my tea on the painfully slow day from before. The next morning I drank my tea as usual and the day flew by.

I’ve been wanting to test out this green tea time correlation theory of mine since I realized it, but I can’t bring myself to purposely forget the tea. Who really wants a never-ending day? Even in the name of pseudo-science?

Benefits of Green Tea


6 Responses

  1. This is the 2nd post I read today praising Starbucks, I don’t know, I never got into it… I definitely like my green tea though. I mix it with peppermint tea and make an iced version, too.

  2. I’m totally missing out. Green tea makes me nauseous. Love a good cup of black tea though.

  3. I read somewhere that putting milk in tea counterbalances the antioxidants.
    Might want to check on that, since you are drinking lattes…

  4. @Echo: I wouldn’t doubt there’s some sort of counterbalancing with that.
    I only drink green tea lattes on occasion. Every morning I have just plain and simple green tea with nothing in it.

  5. @Jess: Good deal… I just thought I would pass that on.
    And I love all kinds of hot tea…. now, Sweet Tea is another thing entirely, and people call my “Un-Southern” for not liking it. Oh well.

  6. @Echo: I definitely appreciate it. Helpful critters are a-ok by me! I always wondered how adversely Equal or Splenda would affect the tea, so I just did away with it.
    I’ve tried sweet tea and it was okay, but I prefer my iced tea unsweetened. I guess I’d make a terrible southerner, too.

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